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  +420 608 558 875

FLAMY International

Your reliable partner for:

  • engineering of recycling technologies
  • waste management technologies
  • deliveries of rubber compounds
  • special real estate projects

From different places and skills we have created a perfect team of strongly motivated people with focus on success in our doing. Our team stands on knowlege and practical experiences from various fields of business - engineering, sales, economics, maintenance etc. We already know that happiness of our clients generates the force for reaching our targets.

According to that we are recommending to our clients only valuable solutions, which we can elaborate to functional and stable complex solutions in scope on recycling or waste management operations. Solutions made by our team reach the happiness of clients.

Our solutions are pretty good and match always the following parameters:
  • Low operating costs with respect to the reduction of unproductive time maintenance
  • The real functionality with an emphasis on high efficiency solutions
  • Stability of the process, that you can really rely
  • Reasonable price for high quality machines
  • Resistance equipment, that stands up to the 24-hour operation

We are your reliable partner for engineering of recycling and waste management, deliveries of technology or whole plants, servicing and maintenance, deliveries of rubber compounds and your real estate agent. In that we are really good, don`t worry and try us...